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Breast milk is liquid internet gold

There’s now a way to score breast milk without ever having a baby. Yes, of course, it involves the internet. But you’d better act quickly, because moms of newborns aren’t the only people looking to make that purchase.

According to a recent article in the New York Post, women are selling breast milk to bodybuilders. Supposedly, it helps with post-workout recovery.

And then there’s the fetish crowd, naturally. After years of being shunned from milk banks, those folks have finally found a place to feast.

In fact, the online breast milk business is now so big, there’s actually an entire eBay-like website dedicated to breast milk sales: the aptly named onlythebreast.com. The site currently has more than 27,000 members and reportedly gains nearly 800 new members each month. Onlythebreast.com also recruits lactators to keep up with market demand.

As it turns out, selling breast milk can be a lucrative “business,” but are there more cons than pros to this sort of pro business? Watch and see.

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