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What guys in Korea wish their girlfriends would say

At some point we’ve all thought about our perfect partner. For instance, I may or may not dream about a guy who says things like “Wow! You do look better without makeup,” “The Bachelor is my favorite show, too!” or “Victoria’s Secret models just aren’t my type.”

Well, thanks to a new video titled “25 girlfriend’s words that guys dream of” (yup, that’s a translation), we now have some insight into what’s considered ideal on the other side of the world, in Korea.

According to the video, which features KPop superstars A.O.A as the perfect girlfriends, Korean guys want a girl who lets them eat whatever (“Don’t lose weight. Guys must have some belly fat!”), play the video game League of Legends (“Focus while playing your game”), not bother them with pesky things like dates and hanging out (“It’s okay, don’t bring me along. I am fine alone”), and avoid the following altogether: shopping, anniversaries, and carrying their girlfriend’s purse.

As silly as this list might sound, perhaps it warrants an American version. Lest we forget, New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski recently said that his ideal wife “cleans, cooks, makes big cash, stays at home, and lets me do whatever I want.” Grrreat.

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