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March Men-ness update: Arsenal and Juventus battle for the title of world’s sexiest

We should have known it would come own to this. It’s spring versus autumn; the modern, sculpted allure of one of the game’s most beautiful men against the rugged tradition of the sport’s enduring icon. And really, is there a better way to decide the sexiest team in the soccer world than to pit French Jesus, Olivier Giroud, and Arsenal …


… against (shiver) Andrea Pirlo and Juventus.

Parma FC v Juventus - Serie A

After yesterday’s vote, that’s our final matchup, with Arsenal finally showing off Marco Boriello and upstart Genoa (59-41) while Juventus ended @BarçaSteph’s reign of campaigning pain to eliminate Barcelona (51-49).

This is the vote we’ve been waiting for – the last two. Let’s see these two teams blazed their ways to the final:


Arsenal vs. Juventus

Arsenal (England)

  • Round of 16: defeated Esperance, 85-15
  • Quarterfinals: beat Paris Saint-Germain, 67-33
  • Semifinals: eliminated Genoa, 59-41

It hasn’t been close. Giroud, Tomas Rosicky, Hector BellerínMikel Arteta, David Ospina? And what about Kieran Gibbs’ penetrating eyes?

It’s all too much. At least, it has been for every team that’s tried to stop them. The Gunners have dominated the three prior rounds and have to be considered favorites. Do Arsène Wenger’s men finally have some finishing power?

Take this last chance to do your Arsenal research.

Juventus (Italy)

  • Round of 16: defeated LA Galaxy, 73-27
  • Quarterfinals: beat Borussia Dortmund, 54-46
  • Semifinals: eliminated Barcelona, 51-49

Things haven’t been near as easy for Andrea Pirlo, Gianluigi Buffon and the rest of Juve’s sauve, distinguished core, but maybe close calls against Borussia Dortmund and Barcelona have force the team’s next generation of hotness to step up? I mean, could you really vote against Álvaro Morata? Or Fernando Llorente’s deep blues? Or even future 100 million euro-man Paul Pogba?

Arsenal may have depth, but Juventus has some serious upset potential.

Use one final chance to assess that potential, then vote.

Final vote

It all comes down to this. For the last week, you’ve lived by one rule: Don’t screw this up. La Liga’s favorites have fallen by the wayside, and a slew of future contenders will need a gentle shoulder to cry on.

But now, we’re here. Arsenal, a favorite from that start, against Juventus, the veterans the refuse to relent.

It’s more than Giroud versus Pirlo. It’s the final vote to decide the sexiest team on the planet:


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