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Watch a 'Golden Girls' super fan get a 'Golden Girls' tattoo

Golden Girls, that iconic ’80s sitcom about four sassy ladies in their golden years, is just as popular today as it was when it premiered on NBC nearly 30 years ago. Fans of the show are passionately vocal about their love for the show, sometimes going to great (and permanent) lengths to prove their devotion.

Enter me, H. Alan Scott, and my newly tattooed Golden Girls left arm. Clearly I love the Golden Girls, I fall asleep to them every night, I co-host Out on the Lanai: The Golden Girls Podcast, and I pray to them.

GG Pray

With a design by LA artist Sungyoon Choi, I went to tattoo artist Dan Bones at Monocle Tattoo to get my love of the ladies permanently inked on me body.gg_gif

The results? Check them out for yourself, in the video above.

Regrets? Yes, only one. That Betty White, the remaining living Golden Girl, has yet to call me about the tattoo. Tweet her for me. Thanks!


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