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Slow and low is the secret to the best BBQ in Kansas City

We all know American BBQ originated in the South—states like Texas, Tennessee and the Carolinas. But Kansas City, Missouri, is saucy enough to claim that it makes the nation’s best barbecue.

“It’s the taste of the rib, its the meatiness, its the juiciness, a lot of people say the meat is supposed to fall off the bones, but technically they’re not supposed to fall off the bones, you have to tug a little,” says Bethanie Schemel, co-owner of Kansas City BBQ Tours. With over 100 restaurants in town, it’s really hard to pick the best one. “Kansas City ribs are amazing because we cook them slow and low. We cook them a lot different from other places that think they know BBQ but they really don’t,” says Quincy Echols, from the famous Arthur Bryant’s.

Fusion’s Mariana Atencio hit the Bar-B-Q trail and learned that the best BBQ comes with a side of blues.

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