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This English lady will hold a séance to meet the spirit of your haunted doll

This may sound a little fishy, but according to a recent article in Vice UK, there’s a lucrative market on eBay for haunted dolls. The writer of the story, Jak Hutchcraft, told NPR, “There was an advert for something which was a sadistic, perverted, haunted doll. It was this menacing-looking sort of troll.”

The final sale price of that particular item? More than $1400. So why are people spending so much money on these creepy pieces of plastic? One frequent seller told Vice, “It’s because people are fascinated by them. Many people who work with black or white magic are in need of a particular spirit to help them with their spells and rituals.”

But that’s not the only bit of recent news with haunted dolls! If you don’t want to sell yours online – or if you’re not entirely sure it’s haunted — you can get this English lady, Jane Harris, to help you out. She runs the web site haunted-dolls.com, and facilitates the adoption of spirited dolls by people who are interested in welcoming such creatures into their homes.

Check out a sample of her haunted doll séance. Whether this is a win or a total nope all depends on your perspective.

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