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Mae Whitman talks "Gilmore Girls," "Friday Night Lights," and more

It’s hard not to fall in love with actress Mae Whitman. She made us clutch our tissue boxes week after week on “Parenthood” as the rebel-turned-mom Amber Holt. She made us all feel a little better about being an outcast, or feeling misunderstood in films like “The Duff” and “The Perks of Being a Wallflower.” And our biggest Mae obsession? She’s as obsessed with TV as we are, and documents it all on social media.

We caught up with Mae at an event for American Eagle Outfitter’s lingerie and swim brand, Aerie, which launched their “Love Your Selfie” campaign with the world’s largest, un-retouched selfie.

Mae dished on some of her favorite TV shows, as well as some of the fan-favorites she’s been lucky enough to star in, for our #ThrowbackThursday series, TV Edition.

“Gilmore Girls”

Ever dreamed of having Lorelai Gilmore as your mom and best friend? Well, Mae got to live out many girls’ fantasies, working alongside Lauren Graham, every day, for years as her daughter on “Parenthood.” It gets better: they’re best friends in real life.

My best friend

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So what happens if Lauren’s “other” TV daughter tries to get in the way? “Me and Lauren’s joke that’s not really a joke is me being like, ‘oh, I see Alexis called today, how is she?!’ I get really overly mom/child protective of her,” Whitman says.


“Arrested Development”

Remember her from “Arrested Development?” Yes, Her. In one of the hit-show’s longest running gags, Mae Whitman’s character Ann Veal is often referred to simply as “Her?” as sign of utter disdain from George-Michael’s family.


Fun fact: Another one of Mae’s co-star BFFs is Parenthood actress Sarah Ramos, whose Instagram name is an ode to “Her?”

Lap of Luxury @annveal

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Remember “The One Where Rachel Quits”? If you’ve been binge-watching Friends on Netflix like us, you’ll remember it’s the one where Rachel (Jennifer Aniston) quits her job at Central Perk. But, it’s also the episode where Ross (David Schwimmer) accidentally breaks the leg of a Girl Scout, played by none other than … Mae Whitman!


“Friday Night Lights”

If Mae’s friendship with Lauren Graham didn’t make you jealous, how about the fact she worked with not one, but two male leads from “Friday Night Lights.” Thanks to “Parenthood” and “FNL” showrunner Jason Katims, Mae worked with — and shared on-screen kisses — with actors Matt Lauria (Luke Cafferty!) and Scott Porter (Jason Street!)

Two Men and a Baby 2nd Thursday without Parenthood 🙁 here's another behind the scenes to ease the pain.

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YOUR PARENTHOOD TREAT OF THE DAY Ryan, amber and zeek through the years @mattlauria

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Does the mere thought of the “Parenthood” finale still make you burst into tears? You’ll be happy to know Mae is still figure out how to cope as well.


“I feel so grateful that I got to be a part of it at all that,” she says. “The overwhelming feeling is gratitude especially because, it’s hard for a show to go six years now, especially a family driven drama, so I feel so grateful that we got such a good run out of it, and that we got the chance to say good bye to them properly.”

“I miss it everyday,” she continues. “Those people are my best friends and it was the best, most respectful environment I’ve ever been a part of, so it’s brutal. We’re struggling still.”

Find solace in the fact Mae’s roommate is her best friend and TV brother, Miles Heizer.

Watch the full video to see Mae’s #TBT TV emotions and be sure to check out Aerie’s Best Bikinis Under The Sun! collection at the American Eagle Outfitters’ Lincoln Road Miami Beach store, now through April 6.

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