Man Crush Monday: Switching positions with Marcelo

Okay, Barcelona fans, don’t get mad, because it’s time for a Man Crush Monday. And yes, sorry, he comes from Real Madrid!

Okay so the entire squad is … really, really special.



Real Madrid v Atletico de Madrid - Copa del Rey: Round of 16

Let’s all really concentrate this week on left back Marcelo.

Brazil Official Training Session - 2014 FIFA World Cup

First, let’s talk Marcelo’s ambition and dedication – the fact that he brought himself up on those hunks of muscley legs from a humble background to the top of the sport.

Real Madrid v Atletico de Madrid - UEFA Champions League Final

He’s totally not the kind of guy who will move in without paying rent and then try to ruin your credit (not that we have any experience with that, of course).

And let’s not talk at all about those light-brown pools of beautiful that are his eyes, or that heart-melting smile made even more perfect by late-period adult braces.



Rather, let’s talk about sports skills — the fact that he’s equally gifted as both an attacker and a defender, and we all know how important it is to give as well as receive. Paolo Maldini and Diego Maradona have both called him the best in his position, so it begs the question, which position are we talking about?

Granada CF v Real Madrid CF - La Liga

Sure, sure, Marcelo, you’re married with a kid, but inquiring minds demand to know!