Manager plays hide-and-seek after being ejected from Liga MX game

Tigres manager Ricardo “Tuca” Ferretti got sent off for verbal abuse of officials during his side’s Liga MX loss to Universidad de Guadalajara on Sunday.

But he didn’t feel like going to the stands, either because he wanted to have some fun or because he is an old man who struggles with stairs.

Either way, he created a moment of comic genius by hiding behind the seats on the bench, until the officials spotted him (after a couple of minutes! Nice job of staying alert, fourth official) and forced him to go, for real.

He’ll probably get sanctioned by the Mexican authorities for that, although clearly he deserves some kind of award for what is the best effort to evade a touchline ban since Jose Mourinho hid in a laundry basket to escape a UEFA sanction during a Champions League match.

Want memes? Of course there are memes.