Fabian Delph will still get lucky now that his charm has been returned

Fabian Delph hasn’t always been the greatest of good luck charms for Aston Villa. After the club paid some decent cash to acquire the youngster from Leeds, he repaid it by injuring his knee so badly that he was out of action for nearly a year. He then hurt his ankle less than a year later.

But Delph was one of very, very few highlights in Villa’s miserable 2013-14. And although he’s looked a bit out-of-sorts at times this season — let’s be honest, what Villan hasn’t? — the three-time England international made up for all that this weekend by scoring the opening goal against rivals West Brom – a goal that would ultimately drive Villa to a 2-0 victory and a trip to Wembley for the FA Cup semifinals.

It’s no surprise, then, that when his captain’s armband disappeared on Saturday night, those associated with the club were quite stressed. Apparently Delph considers the band to be lucky (maybe it helps him woo the ladies?), so when it went missing after Villa supporters invaded the pitch, something had to be done.

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Enter the team masseur, Alex Butler, who put out this Twitter appeal:

Miraculously, and perhaps fortunately — for the health of Villa supporters, anyway — the armband was returned. And the lucky supporter was given Villa winger Scott Sinclair’s match shirt in exchange, so at least he ended up with a bit of loot.

Just think how valuable that will be in 50 years, owning a shirt from one of the three or four Villa players that actually managed to score this season.