Paul Pogba could fetch nine figures and it’s naive to believe Juventus wouldn’t sell

Chelsea. Manchester City and Manchester United (again). Real Madrid, Barcelona, Bayern Munich and Paris Saint-Germain.

Apparently, all seven clubs are interested in Paul Pogba. But none are going to be able to have him so nyah na nyah nyah na.

At least, that’s what Juventus supporters are thinking right now. They’re thrilled to know Pogba is 99 percent certain to stay with the bianconeri. At least, according to his agent, the infamous Mino Raiola, who believes Juventus has no reason to sell.

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Sure, there’s no way Juventus could put more than 100 million dollars to good use. And there’s absolutely no incentive to lie, right? I mean, these clubs Raiola is talking about are the richest in the world. If they feel it’s necessary to twist Juve’s arm, that means one team or another is going to up its bid dramatically. And putting more zeros onto the end of a bid means putting more euros into Raiola’s pockets. Everyone wins!

Except, of course, for Juventus, who has already admitted it’s likely the club will need to sell Pogba. After all, players these days need lots of cash for Ferraris and triple-security mansions and tattoos and haircuts, and Juventus doesn’t have that sort of money to spend on salaries.

Let’s face it: Pogba is currently one of the best, if not the best, box-to-box midfielders in the world. He’s got a price. And Raiola is doing whatever he can to ensure that price is as high as possible.