Cologne’s Anthony Ujah scored a goal then straddled a goat

Cologne entered Sunday only two points clear of the drop in the Bundesliga, so it was vitally important that it won. Which it did. But more important than wins, points and relegation was Anthony Ujah’s goal celebration.

Score a goal, straddle a goat. That’s a totally normal line of thought.

After the match, Ujah tweeted out an apology, which was later deleted.

😁😁 Finally a win for us at home and what a special way it came. Sorry to Hennes i was a bit too hard on him 🙈

We now have to consider Hennes’ response. There isn’t a lot to like about this Cologne team, and Hennese was the heart and soul of the club. If he turns on the team, it will almost assuredly find itself in the second division.