Report says Roma’s ready to spend 18 million pounds to get James Milner to Italy

Serie A is in trouble. While the rest of Europe is gearing up for this summer’s annual arms races and North American leagues are snatching up young Italian mega-stars like Giovinco (who is currently on pace for a record-breaking 34 assists with Toronto FC), the Italian league is pouring its heart out in the Craigslist personals.

Italian soccer still has lots or money, but their international clout/Klout score is falling faster than the prices at Parma’s latest garage sale. Combine these factors and what do you get? A rumored 18 million pound deal for Manchester City’s James Milner.

That’s James Milner, the diet cola of English soccer. You buy him because you think you’re doing something better for yourself, but you end up bored and looking for something with more flavor.

According to the Daily Star, Roma is prepared to offer 15.6 million pounds in salary (over three years) and a 2.5 million pound signing bonus to Milner to entice him to denounce his Citizen-ship when his contract ends this summer.

That money has to be able to land better than Milner. What’s Michael Bradley getting paid these days? Maybe they can bring him back. He doesn’t seem like the type to hold grudges. Totti probably has some kids in their early 20s by now, what are they up to? Sign three of four of them at an unproven nepotism discount and one of them is sure to pan out.

Even if they don’t, it beats the shame of actually reaching out and making pre-contract offers to James Milner. It’s so very sad.