Grays Athletic manager subs himself on, scores a goal, saves a penalty

Mark Bentley’s poor grandkids are going to get so sick of hearing this story.

Bentley is the manager of Grays Athletic, which is in the Isthman League (the seventh tier of English soccer).

In a game against Hampton & Richmond Borough, Grays was losing 2-1 when Bentley subbed himself on. He’s 37.

First, Bentley scored a header to bring Grays even.

Then, after his goalkeeper got sent off and with no substitutes on the bench, Bentley put himself in goal for the rest of the match. He even saved a penalty. It was an awful penalty, as you can see above, but still.

Finally, Joao Carlos scored a stoppage-time winner for Grays. And Bentley, we presume, went home to a nice celebratory bottle of scotch.