Fabian Delph says he was bitten (twice) by pitch invaders

As you may have seen earlier, hoards of Aston Villa fans raided the field at Villa Park before and after the final whistle of today’s FA Cup quarterfinal against West Brom. Joy was in the air. It seemed as if everyone Villa-related was ecstatic; well, except for Villa captain Fabian Delph. Because, you see, according to Delph, he was bitten by pitch invading fans. Twice.


Delph told the BBC the experience was “very, very scary.”

“My armband got nicked, someone got my left boot, but I could appreciate the relief the fans are feeling after a result like that. It was dangerous. Someone tried to take my boot off. People tried to kiss me and were biting me. It was scary.”

Come on, now. What in the hell is going on in the England? Kissing players? Um, whatever. Pitch invading? No, but fine. Stealing footwear? I’ll look the other way. But biting people? Absolute, 100 percent Nope(tm).

A line must be drawn somewhere. These people need stopping. Can you imagine what would happen if a player was ever mad enough to bite … oh, wait …

Whatever. For the love of God, English people, get your house in order before it’s too late. Get your affairs in order, unless you want to find yourself transferred to Barcelona. If that happens, sorry, you’re on your own. I’m raising the point because I care.