Here’s an Iranian club chairman punching a reporter in the nuts

I don’t know what’s being said in this video, but that’s OK, because walk-off nut-punching is a universal language. A vile and despicable but universal language. Bahram Afsharzade, the chairman of Esteghlal of the Iran Persian Gulf League is fluent in this language, and he used it to speak to his frustration with a line of questioning from a bold reporter.

We all hate being asked stupid questions, and many of them are dumb enough to justify taking swings at people we don’t know. There’s nothing wrong with that. That’s life. This reporter may have asked about Afsharzade’s family members, or what exactly he was doing coming out of that hotel. Is any of that his business? No. Certainly not while he’s shoving cameras in people’s faces.

Afsharzade may have been justified in lashing out physically, but as a member of civilized society, he should have known to keep his anger above the belt. Esteghlal is current leading the IPGL, so it must have taken something really foul for him to respond this way. I have to assume he said something like “I don’t know about that bullshit you’re asking me right now, but I know you need to watch your mouth.” POW!

Many lessons to be learned from this.