Andres Guardado scored his first goal for PSV and it was scrappy as hell

Yeah, I know. You were wondering where the hell Andres Guardado ended up. The answer, as you probably gathered from this post’s title, is PSV.

You know Guardado as the Mexico and former Valencia midfielder (and sometimes wingback) with adorably curly hair. PSV fans now know him as the dude who scored one of the more hilariously scrappy goals of the season:

Mickey van der Hart had already made two point-blank saves after a sneaky free kick routine by PSV. But the ball dropped in front of goal, and Guardado did some sort of sluggish karate kick thing, and the bottom of his cleats pushed the ball into the net.

Previously, Memphis Depay had given PSV the go-ahead goal over the Go Ahead Eagles. PSV won 3-0.