Aston Villa fans invaded the pitch to celebrate scoring two whole goals against West Brom

Want to know how you can tell your season is a big joke and you’re a terrible team? Your fans bum-rush the field in the FA Cup quarterfinals. But not even after the match – DURING.

Scott Sinclair scored in the 85th minute and Aston Villa fans thought the best place to celebrate the goal would be with Sinclair on the field, so over the barriers and ad boards they went.

And that wasn’t even the match-winner. Villa was already 1-0 up against West Brom, so Sinclair just doubled the lead. It wasn’t as if it pulled off some amazing comeback, had scored an incredible goal, or even won it in the dying minutes.

Then again, Aston Villa scoring two goals in any match is cause for excessive celebration.

Eventually the fans cleared the pitch, the match resumed, and Aston Villa saw out the win. But you can bet the fans ended up right back on the pitch as soon as the final whistle went.

Congratulations, Aston Villa. You won a real match that counts and won’t do you any good in staying in the Premier League.

Maybe they were just celebrating having a fan with a dildo on his head?


Up the Villa indeed.