Samuel Eto’o helps a goalkeeper tie his shoes, then nearly obliterates him with first Sampdoria goal

Samuel Eto’o is a complicated man with complicated relationships. He is capable of love and hate, sometimes with the same person and in a span of 90 minutes.

See: Eto’o and Cagliari goalkeeper Zeljko Brkic.

Their relationship began with a pre-match handshake. It was a nice introduction and the start of a budding friendship.

Eto’o then lent his new friend a hand.


But then it went awry. Eto’o drew a big ole target on Brkic and started taking aim. He had his artillery and did his best to blow Brkic off the face of the Earth.

And with that, a wonderful friendship was over. Eto’o and Brkic were no longer on speaking terms. Neither the ball nor the net would talk to him either, after the way he assaulted them.

But in the fall of one relationship, comes a new one. Well, an old one revived. That is Eto’o’s love of Serie A, which he once was so close with, but left and had not been seen with for years. Now, he is back with his beloved league, and he’s scored for the first time since May of 2011, or 1,392 days.