Shane Long may be better at Bob Marley songs than soccer

Back in January, Southampton striker Shane Long broke two ribs and punctured a lung when he ran into Crystal Palace’s Joel Ward in an FA Cup match. He was initially ruled out for six weeks.

Yesterday, Long’s Southampton teammate Ryan Bertrand posted an Instagram video of Long singing Bob Marley’s rare, underground hit “No Woman, No Cry.”

Not bad, Shane Long. I even closed my eyes for a second and pretended that he was reggae legend Adam Levine. It sort of worked. They both sound pretty to me.

Even though Long has returned from injury, it’s hard now not to imagine what he must have sounded like before puncturing his lung. Did he chose the wrong career path? I wonder what he could have become if he emancipated himself from mental soccer slavery because nothing about being involved with that will free his mind.

Maybe then he’d have no fear for atomic energy, ’cause none of them can stop the time. And without that fear, Shane Long may have been able to entertain people for generations instead of just Southampton crowds every now and then.

Nevertheless, it’s good to see the guys enjoying themselves.