There are 15,000 reasons to congratulate @Soccergods

Spanish news outlet Marca has published an article to congratulate itself for reaching three million Twitter followers. Certainly, a commendable achievement. Thing is, we didn’t know that self-congratulatory posts were something that websites were allowed to do for themselves.


At Soccer Gods, we are nothing if not wildly self-indulgent, so we want in on this. It just so happens that we recently passed the 15,000-follower mark for our own Twitter account, so let’s take a look back at some of the spectacular things we have managed to achieve in the past few months. Pop some champagne and celebrate with us.

  • Six straight days in mid-October without jamming the printer in the office. Then @RichardFarley tried to print his timecard.
  • One episode of the show (Monday nights at 10 p.m. ET on Fusion. Catch it!) without someone (Nando) using profanity on live television.
  • Unwavering individual bias on the Messi versus Ronaldo debates.
  • Four posts about the new MLS collective bargaining agreement negotiations, and one of them was almost completely devoid of sarcasm.
  • Heartfelt blogs about racism on multiple continents.
  • Continued acknowledgement of Southampton as if anything positive will come from it finishing in the top four of the Premier League.
  • Consistent improvement of lap times on our Wolfsburg scooter.
  • Simon is the only Liverpool fan to never blame Mario Balotelli for starting World War I (don’t as him about WWII).
  • Successful use of the same three Sepp Blatter images over 100 times without anyone complaining.
  • Over one month without a promotion-relegation troll story.
  • Sustained dedication to watching at least two Serie A matches per week, even though the league has been all but settled for months.
  • Willingness to cover any story that includes the words “sex”, “match-fixing”, or “Zlatan.”

It’s important to take a step back and look at the scope of your accomplishments. In a short time, we’ve achieved a lot together here at Soccer Gods. Here’s hoping for 15,000 more new friends (or spam bots, they all count the same).