Major League Soccer comes to UniMás, so it’s time to stop fearing your SAP button

New TV deals are all the rage these days. Everyone made a big stink about the Premier League getting several billion gold farthings, 1000 hectares of land and the finest crops from this year’s harvest, but Major League Soccer was getting new, unprecedentedly lucrative television contracts before it was cool.

My personal favorite new wrinkle to the MLS viewing experience is the league’s partnership with UniMas (full disclosure: UniMas is a network in the Univision family, which also includes our home, Fusion). Every Friday night, the network will bless us with Viernes de Fútbol and broadcast a nationally televised game in primetime. If you’re familiar with Univision Deportes’ Liga MX coverage, you’re as hyped about this as I am. Super slow-motion replays of hard fouls, zoom-ins on unnecessarily fancy footwork, plentiful crowd shots, and goal calls loud enough for you to hear them from the kitchen during sandwich retrieval runs. They take care of all the important stuff.

To heap blessing on blessings on blessings, UniMas will make what is probably technological history and offer the option of English-language (possibly by an English person) commentary via your TV’s SAP button. You know the button. It’s the one you’ve stared at, but have never pressed, for fear that it initiated some kind of self-destruct sequence.

If you are a common American monolingual slob like me, this is cause for celebration. Have no fear, you are not alone in your linguistic struggles. Even the World Champion, Judah Friedlander, needs an assist. Luckily for him, our intrepid co-host Nando Villa flew up to New York to walk him along the path of UniMas viewership glory. I can personally attest to Nando’s skills in this field, as he is our top resource in breaking down transfer rumors from Spanish websites that the rest of us can’t read. Let him be your guide.