Lukas Podolski took a very bad corner

German international and Arsenal forward Lukas Podolski is currently on loan at Inter, despite calling the transfer speculation “pure lies.” Since his arrival in Milan, Podolski has continued his proud tradition of instagramming every single moment of his life. Preserving some form of continuity in your life is important when experiencing big changes.

But more importantly, since joining Inter, Podolski has actually been able to play in real games. That’s been a drastic change from the last couple of years where he’s spent a lot of time watching his Arsenal teammates play soccer. Unfortunately, he may not have access to real playing time for much longer, if this corner kick from ol’ thunderfoot is anything to go by.

Now, we all can’t be perfect all the time, but this is one of the worst corner kicks I’ve ever seen. Nevertheless, Podolski shouldn’t be embarrassed. On the contrary, he should already be thinking about what Instagram filter to use when he inevitably uploads this video.

Being the best at something is an achievement, even if that thing is “being the worst.” He must preserve this moment for posterity. These moments of perfection don’t come around often.