West Brom fan’s 107 years on earth were honored with a Darren Fletcher handshake and an autographed ball

West Brom tried to do a good deed this week, but being West Brom means trying to do good things always falls just short of the target. Yesterday, before the club’s 1-0 win over Sunderland, the team honored its Fan of the Day, Jack Jones (pictured in the wheelchair), who turned 107 this month but doesn’t look a day older than his 89-year-old homeboy.

A man who survives 107 years on this earth and has a name as cool as Jack Jones (he was probably the fighter pilot who single-handedly saved London in World War II and invented sunglasses, or something else great) deserves the red carpet treatment. From West Brom, good ol’ Jack got a personalized “Jack 107” jersey, an autographed ball and a meet-and-greet with Darren Fletcher.

I don’t know Jack Jones personally, but he deserves better than Darren Fletcher. Maybe West Brom was looking out for Mr. Jones’ heart health, but team captain or not, there has to be someone more exciting on the roster for him to meet that Darren “I met David Beckham once” Fletcher.

*looks at West Brom roster*

Correction: Darren Fletcher is as good as it gets over there. Sorry, Jack.

To make matters worse, old man Jones won’t even get to keep his autographed ball. His nursing home will be auctioning it off to pay his bills.

If Fletcher really cares about community outreach and celebrating what I assume to be the legendary life of Jack Jones, he has to let the West Brom’s oldest fan live at his house now. Fletcher’s house probably has more rooms than he knows what to do with. At least let Jack crash on the couch.