Luis Suárez, assist machine, is still desperate for our love

“[The English media] want to make trouble for me. They must be hurt after what I did to them in the World Cup but they forget that I played in England and they should show me some respect.”

“There are certain types of players like me who get more inspired, more motivated when fans boo them, it helps motivate you a bit more.”

While in England earlier this week ahead of Barcelona’s UEFA Champions League match against Manchester City, Luis Suárez spoke to Uruguayan press about his life, devoid of love and acceptance as it is.

It may sound like he’s lashing out, but this is Suárez coming to you with open arms, looking for affection, even though you turn him away time and time again. What more does he have to do to earn your love? Yes, he’s been a vile racist and has repeatedly committed unspeakable acts of dental violence, but What about the assists? Do they count for nothing?

“I came to Barcelona to help out, to win silverware. I’m doing my job and helping the team a lot.”

If this selfless pass to Lionel Messi for Barça’s third goal in a 3-1 win over Granada doesn’t change hearts and minds, nothing will. Suárez could have easily had his second goal of the game. Instead, he saw a slumping teammate, desperate for a confidence boost and thought not of himself but of the greater Catalonian good. It was his ninth assist of the season.

“I’ll never understand it… they treated me worse than a hooligan.”

Who’s the “they” Suárez is referring to? Deep down, we know: It’s all of us.