Louis van Gaal might be an arrogant bastard, but Swansea isn’t pleased a director said so

Louis van Gaal’s been called an “arrogant bastard.”

Wait, is this supposed to be news? The Manchester United manager probably wakes up each morning, looks himself in the mirror and says “hello, you beautiful arrogant bastard, you.” He probably drives a car with the license plate “AROGNT 1.” In his kitchen, the faucets don’t give out drinking water, but rather San Diego’s most surly brew.

To be fair, it’s a slightly different matter when it’s a director of a rival club declaring that you’re an arrogant bastard — especially on television. Swansea’s John van Zweden reportedly reacted to the 2-1 win over United much as a fan might — by gleefully taunting the opposition. But not all fans get followed around on a matchday for a Dutch TV crew that’s producing a documentary.

Smart move by the crew, since van Zweden’s Twitter feed suggests he’s always ready with a pithy quip when an opportunity to mock his compatriots arises.

Well … he’s a lot more quotable than Swansea chairman Huw Jenkins, who issued this dry statement: “We are aware of the comments and we are currently dealing with the matter. It is disappointing that one of our directors has apparently made a statement in the media in relation to a manager of another football club … If any of our directors behave in an inappropriate and unprofessional manner not befitting this football club then they will be dealt with internally and appropriately.”


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