Greece adds “soccer” to the long list of problems the government needs to fix

Crowd violence erupted this weekend at a match between rivals Olympiakos and Panathinaikos. That day of fan disobedience was followed up by a brawl between Olympiakos and Panathinaikos executives during a meeting of Greek Super League officials. Vassilis Constantinou, a former national team goalkeeper and now Panathinaikos executive, told reporters that an Olympiakos security guard had punched him in the lip during the meeting. Enough is enough, it seems.

Vassilis Constantinou

The Greek government has suspended the top three divisions of Greek soccer indefinitely. Even though “indefinitely” probably doesn’t mean indefinitely, it’s hard to predict how long this suspension will last given that there aren’t many things that fall into the “predictable” category in Greece these days.

This is the third time this season when Greece has suspended games. The first time was after a fan died from injuries sustained during a brawl between fans of third division teams. The second suspension happened after an assistant director of Greece’s Central Refereeing Committee (the body that appoints match referees) was beaten with wooden clubs by two men on a motorcycle.

So add “soccer” to the long list of things — the economy, poverty, tax evasion, corruption, etc. — the newly-elected ruling party in Greece has to fix.


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