Spurs celebrate trip to Wembley by offering up creepy paper cutouts of players’ faces

Tottenham don’t get to Cup finals very often, so we can forgive them for getting a little over-excited at the prospect of their Capital One Cup clash at Wembley on Sunday with Chelsea.

The Capital One Cup, you’ll recall, is the competition that absolutely no big club cares about until the semi-finals, when managers and fans start to get interested in the possibility of a trophy. Because let’s face it, the same couple of teams win the Premier League every year. So what else is a manager going to put on his resume?

While Chelsea’s build-up to the big day has been dominated by José Mourinho’s whinging, Spurs have been much busier and more creative.

The club have created what they describe, probably redundantly, as an “exclusive” toolkit that allows fans to “download printable assets to create the ultimate party feeling”. Because nothing says “ultimate party feeling” like “download printable assets.”

The toolkit is a set of invites, themed recipes, posters and face masks, accompanied by a Spotify playlist that, naturally, includes the greatest soccer song in the history of the universe, Ossie’s Dream (sample lyric: Ossie’s going to Wembley/His knees have gone all trembly”.)

They’ve also turned one of last season’s most pressing questions – where’s Christian Eriksen? – into a fun Where’s Waldo? -style game.

Look, even Kyle Walker’s doing it! Possibly at gunpoint.


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