A police dog attacked a player during a game in Brazil

Often, when you enter a stadium for a sporting event, the stadium staff does a quick check to make sure you’re not bringing anything dangerous into the stadium. Firearms are frowned upon, as are pyrotechnics, illegal drugs, and the always menacing plastic bottles filled with water. Policies are in place to ensure safety.

In some places, however, police officers are allowed to bring dogs to the stadium. While that may sound like a reasonable security measure, bringing dogs to stadiums carries a real risk of “things might go wrong.”

This weekend, at a Brazilian state regional championship game, things went wrong.

Real Brazilian person João Paulo (I swear this wasn’t created in a Brazilian name generator) ran out of bounds and fell near a police dog. The dog, in a shocking turn of events, decided to chew on the Democrata striker’s person before its handler could reportedly get it under control.

Paulo was temporarily taken off but returned shortly after being bandaged and stapled. He finished the game and then was taken to the hospital for rabies shots. I’m pretty sure his commitment to the team should never be questioned again.

As for the dog, we don’t know what will happen. Before jumping to conclusions, it’s worth considering that Paulo may have been a person of interest in another matter. But for some reason, no one wants to give the dog the benefit of the doubt.

Maybe Paulo was going to dive later in the game and the dog could smell it. According to reports and probably sources, dogs have a keen sense of smell.