Panathinaikos fans tried to set stadium on fire before game against Olympiacos

Consider this your weekly reminder that the library-like atmosphere at your favorite club’s stadium isn’t always a bad thing. Besides, have you ever tried a prawn sandwich? They’re as delicious as they are classy. The champagne of hors d’oeuvres, if champagne actually tasted good.

Next time you’re at a game, begging your fellow supporters to “make sum noise,” as per the jumbotron’s explicit instructions, remember that you could be in Greece, or some other footballing nation where youthful aggression is a chief domestic export. Boring can be beautiful with the right perspective.

Before the start of today’s Ντέρμπι των αιωνίων αντιπάλων (“Derby of the eternal adversaries,” but you knew that) between Athens rivals Panathinaikos and visiting Olympiacos, a group of home supporters known as Gate 13 opted to make their pyro display a more interactive experience, launching flares and invading the pitch at Apostolos Nikolaidis Stadium.

The impressive part of this is that such fan behavior is so common when these teams get together, the game wasn’t postponed. This was just a minor inconvenience to police and stadium officials. They were just waiting to get the inevitable over with and move on to the actual soccer.

If you care, Panathinaikos’ 2-1 win brought them within three points of Olympiacos at the top of the Greek Super League table.