Double agent? Belfast cop-turned-social worker identified as Chelsea fan on Paris Métro

A group of Chelsea fans very quickly became internet famous last Tuesday after racially abusing a man in the Paris Métro. One of those individuals has since been identified by The Sunday World as Richard Barklie, a former Irish police officer who, ironically, was employed as a part-time staff member at Belfast’s Wave Trauma Centre, a place that provides “care and support to anyone bereaved, injured or traumatized through the civil unrest in Northern Ireland, irrespective of religious, cultural or political belief.” (emphasis added)

This story just keeps on getting more and more bizarre. A man in the tolerance industry by day, running the streets at night, armed with a dossier of insider knowledge that he uses to create civil unrest. You really couldn’t make up a better cover story.

Officer: Sir, where do you work?
Barklie: A support center for those traumatized by civil unrest.
Officer: Do you think this is a joke? This is a serious matter.
Barklie: I’m serious.
Officer: Wow.
Barklie: Yeah, I know.

The way things are going, tomorrow we’ll learn that one of the other alleged culprits is a civil rights leader who writes regular columns for a progressive newspaper. Even then, would that top what we now know about Barklie? Tolerance and intolerance are just not supposed to be bedfellows.