A youth teamer in Scotland scored an awesome own goal that you should look at

It’s called an autogolazo – an own goal so good, if it was scored by an opponent, it’d rock the highlight reels. They are, by some margin, my favorite type of goals.

Here is the most recent example.

This is Ben Richards-Everton, which is a fantastic name befitting this fantastic goal. He’s a 22-year-old defender on Partick Thistle. In a SPFL development game against Dundee FC, he tried some sort of outside-of-the-boot backpass to his keeper. It curled perfectly into the top corner.

That’s funny.

Partick Thistle won 2-1 regardless, which is less amusing.

If that club sounds familiar, it’s because you are a loyal and observant reader of this blog. For that, we thank you, dear reader. Partick Thistle is the club that donated a gameday’s worth of pies to the homeless after a game was canceled.


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