U.S. prospect Marc Pelosi relegated to “fan” next to David Beckham

Arsenal’s U16s took on Liverpool on Thursday. Brooklyn Beckham, son of Sir Dave Beckham of Universal Fame, lined up for Arsenal. On the sideline stood Brooklyn’s proud father, eagerly rooting for the destruction of Liverpool’s youth. Beckham Sr. must have walked away smiling, because Brooklyn was responsible for Arsenal’s second goal on route to a 3-2 win for the young Gunners.

Naturally, people were excited to see Beckham Sr. at the ground. One of those people, as pointed out by the Mirror, was “a fan.”

Screen Shot 2015-02-19 at 5.27.46 PM

That fan, who you may recognize if you look at the username or perhaps just happen to be a U.S. or a Liverpool fan, is U.S. youth national team and Liverpool youth player Marc Pelosi. Here’s Instagram proof:


Looks like American soccer hasn’t quite made it yet, but it’s getting closer. First you start playing soccer. Then you start a league that doesn’t collapse. Then you send older players to England. Then you get Beckham to play in your league. Then you send young players to England. Then they take pictures with David Beckham. And then British newspapers promote players to “fan,” and then, after a probation period, actually identify them by name after a quick Google search.

Almost there, America. Be patient.





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