Ronaldinho is going to play in Angola, says one club president in Angola

The two-time FIFA player of the year, World Soccer magazine’s world player of the 2000s and Brazil’s all-time leader in party hearty-ing could be on the move again.

Angolan luxury car dealerships and bikini-clad babes who hang around pools in search of fun have been put on high alert by the news that Ronaldinho is set to join Kabuscorp.

“Set” is a relative term, since the player wouldn’t arrive until the summer. He is still at Mexican side Querétaro, where he is reportedly refusing to run around and is basically standing near the goal waiting for someone to give him the ball so he can do some cool tricks. His strategy since about 2007, in other words.

Kabuscorp president Benedict Kangamba told Public Television Angola: ”It’s a certainty. We are negotiating, but Ronaldinho has to terminate the contract with his current club, and then be able to join us in June. You may ask why I picked Ronaldinho – well, I want quality in my squad.”

The club from the oil-rich African nation and former Portuguese colony is based in the capital, Luanda, the most expensive city in the world for foreigners.

Despite Kangamba’s confidence, it seems like an improbable move for Ronaldinho. But Luanda does have hot weather, beaches and nightclubs, so you never know. And he wouldn’t be the first Brazilian 2002 World Cup winner signed by Kabuscorp, which was only founded in 1994. In 2012, a 39-year-old Rivaldo spent the best part of a year there. Why? Because God told him to move to Angola and build a church.