Borussia Dortmund re-signed Marco Reus and took the summer’s hottest commodity off the transfer market

Well, then. That settles that. The summer’s biggest transfer is done, and it’s only Feb. 10. Real Madrid’s Marco Reus signed a new deal with Borussia Dortmund, one that runs through the 2018-19 season .

Reus may not have actually been El Real‘s property, technically, but he’s been the Galactíco-most-likely throughout the year. His finishing out the Bundesliga season with BVB was beginning to feel like a short-term loan. But so often, feelings are dumb, or at the very least wrong.

From the club’s website:

“I am delighted to commit my future to BVB. Dortmund is my home town and Borussia is my club. I am looking forward to a successful future with our team and our fantastic fans behind us. There is a lot of work to be done and I want to pitch in and play my part.”

Despite Dortmund’s tragic season (currently one point off the bottom in Germany), Reus is still opting to pledge his prime years to the club. Spooked off by Madrid’s embarrassment this weekend? That’s unlikely. Consider it a display of in faith in Jürgen Klopp, as well as a belief that this season is an anomaly.

Sporting director Michael Zorc:

“Marco Reus could have joined almost any of the world’s top clubs. His decision shows that his heart beats for his home town and his home club. He is a very important cornerstone of Borussia Dortmund’s sporting future.”

Loyalty is a concept tossed around lightly in sports contexts, but it’s a common theme at Dortmund. From fans that still support in huge numbers each week to executives who have never wavered in their support of Klopp, Dortmund has created a club atmosphere strong enough to hold on to arguably the most sought-after player in the world, despite a very real threat of relegation.

Romantic notions aside, contracts are written on paper, not in stone. There’s nothing to say that Reus will actually see this contract to its end. Loyalty is a marvelous thing, but so are ambition and money.

If Dortmund’s recovery turns out to be a long-term project, it would be no surprise if Reus again considers moving elsewhere. At just 25, he surely won’t be drifting off the radars of Real Madrid or any other Champions League contenders any time soon. Today’s deal will make sure they all bid top dollar.


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