Maykel Galindo and Yasiel Puig played FIFA and then both ended up topless

For male nudity, scroll down. To learn some vague idea of why, then scroll back up to this sentence and then keep reading.

Okay. Maykel Galindo and Yasiel Puig played FIFA together. When Galindo went ahead by five, he ripped off his shirt and screamed at a camera. Then he put that video on Instagram.

You probably know Puig. He’s the Cuban defector who signed a seven-year, $42 million dollar contract with the Dodgers and scored a whole bunch of whatever the baseball equivalent of goals are.

You may not know Galindo. He’s also a Cuban defector, slipping away from the 2005 Gold Cup roster with no real plan beyond somehow getting to Miami to become a dishwasher. Instead, he ended up playing for the Seattle Sounders back in their USL days and then joining Chivas USA. He tore up MLS in his first year, 2007, scoring 12 goals. Then the injuries hit. He kind of stumbled through a couple more seasons before bouncing around other teams and ending up in the lower leagues.

As the caption on the Instagram video admits, he’s lost his six-pack. He’d lost his pace long before that.

His thumbs are still quick, though.


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