Cristiano Ronaldo made the mistake of celebrating his birthday

You’ve booked an upscale restaurant for 150 people. You’re not going to cancel at the last minute and lose your deposit, are you? Of course you’re not. Not even if you’ve just lost 4-0 to your local rivals.

But Cristiano Ronaldo’s decision to party hearty in honor of turning 30 after Real Madrid’s thrashing by Atlético has gone down badly with plenty of people, including some of his teammates.

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“Several players were none too impressed, starting with captain Iker Casillas and vice-skipper Sergio Ramos. The pair were both invited to the shindig at a restaurant in Madrid’s swanky La Finca enclave, but decided to skip it,” says Marca, whose article is accompanied by a photograph in which Ronaldo and James appear to be lighting up a dark room by the sheer luminosity of their teeth.

“The general feeling among the team on seeing the pictures was that the event was inappropriate and some players are expected to demand an explanation.”

The night featured a karaoke session during which, the Mirror breathlessly reports, Ronaldo put “the pain of his recent break-up with model Irina Shayk behind him by belting out a song about his craving for sex”.

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Ronaldo’s agent, Jorge Mendes, was forced into action to defend the player’s socializing. “The fact is his birthday party had been organized more than a month ago and he had family coming from abroad. He didn’t want to cancel out of respect for the people that came,” he said.

“What is inadmissible is that somebody takes advantage of a private affair to release a video. Ronaldo was devastated after the defeat and people spent two hours trying to cheer him up.”

As Manchester City and Yaya Touré can confirm, soccer birthday etiquette is a delicate subject.

Players, of course, are not suppose to have too much fun at any time, least of all after a defeat. They shouldn’t be seen in public for hours following a loss, so that fans can imagine them sitting at home forlornly, wearing black, crying and pledging to do better next time out of respect for the supporters and love for the team.

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I mean, what’s the alternative? That players behave as if what they do is a job and like anyone else they can do what they want in their private lives after the day’s work is done? That, like fans, they might even enjoy going out after a tough game and drowning their sorrows? That letting off some steam could even be good for them? Ridiculous notion.


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