The unrelenting joy of experiencing Paul Pogba’s new hair

Every now and then you come across a piece of art that makes you smile. Perhaps you don’t know why you’re smiling but you’re smiling. The trigger could be a gesture, comment, or anything, really. You don’t need to know and the source doesn’t always reveal itself easily. But today I smiled.

I used to think Paul Pogba’s game made me happy and, in truth, it does. He’s complete, and not in a rudimentary, he’s got all the physical attributes and decent technical ability kind of way. It’s probably easier to say it’s hard to think of aspects of his game that I don’t appreciate. But today solidified the fact that the joy Pogba provides comes from more than just his game. Paul Pogba isn’t just a Vine superstar.

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And here’s what you realize over time: Paul Pogba’s hairstyles should have a security detail. His hair is immaculate. It provides happiness. If it could feed hungry children it would. That’s the crux of genuine happy. You point and say, “That makes me happy” and cease to care why. You live in the experience; you just stare at the hair and enjoy the warm feeling.

Shall we?

Italy Soccer Serie A

It has body, levels, texture, tones, and probably speaks several languages. Pogba’s hair is everything.

Italy Soccer Serie A

Sometimes you want to pet it. But if you run into him, realize I’m not recommending that you run your unsolicited fingers through his hair. I’m not. And how dare you.

Brazil Soccer WCup Hairstyles

Even Petit Mathieu Valbuena enjoys Pogba’s combination of hair parts and peroxide joining forces to form an aerodynamic mohawk. Look how happy the little Frenchman is.

Juventus FC v AC Milan - Serie A

But this … this … this goddamn masterpiece of hair, head and scalp that he shared with the world today against AC Milan … this … *falls over*

Paul Pogba’s head is an art project; it’s a Prince album of hairstyles. You don’t quite know what to do with it, and you know you’re looking at the equivalent of a purple Prince suit made out of velour doilies, but it doesn’t matter; it makes you happy.

Don’t feel bad about it. Just stare at it. Appreciate it. Tell your friends. Paul Pogba is truly a complete player.