Joe Hart’s entire career cruelly flashes before his eyes during the build-up to Hull City goal

It’s not often a goalkeeper wishes a foul was called against his team at the top of his own box, but that’s the unfortunate position a flailing Joe Hart found himself in today.

Moments after watching a teammate nearly meet death-by-slidetackle, David Meyler managed to put a rebound past Hart for the opening goal in Manchester City’s 1-1 draw with Hull City. The lone point either buried City’s season, or kept it on life support, depending on who you ask, or how you like to massage your numbers.

The focus here, though, is Joe Hart. It’s not often you get to see a man experience an entire career in a single play. Youthful confidence faded into a veteran’s self-doubt. Reflexes and agility suffered the ravages of years in just seconds. From shot, to post deflection, to rebound, Joe Hart felt the weight of every decision he’s ever made, and every line he’s ever taken fall on his shoulders.

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How did he find himself here? Was it that one training session he skipped out on about a decade ago, when his coach wanted to go over how to cover slow-rollers? Maybe it was a fateful primary school gym class when he decided he was too much of a bad ass to be a striker, grabbed some gloves and stubbornly planted himself in net.

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As is our editorial mandate, we looked to Instagram to find out what was happening in Joe Hart’s life prior to today’s match. Maybe it would reveal some recent trauma that knocked him off his game. It turns out his account is private and, as we all know, the only reason someone has a private Instagram account is because they’re out doing foul, Brett Favre-type shit and don’t want anyone to know about it. This goal was probably just bad karma.