Manchester City to help Saint-Étienne gamble on children

Manchester City are set to link up with Saint-Étienne, which is great because the London indie-popsters are a fantastic band and the club’s loyalty to Oasis has gotten old.

Can’t wait to see what Sarah Cracknell can teach Martin Demichelis about electronica.

(Pause; reads below headline of original article.)

Manchester City are set to link up with Saint-Étienne, which is great because the famous French club is a fantastic producer of young talent and there could be mutual long-term benefits.

Can’t wait to see what City’s money and Les Verts’ talent will produce.

The phrase “feeder club” seems appropriate for this mooted partnership, given City’s ongoing strategy of eating up clubs on every continent, like some sort of talent-scouting Mr Creosote.

Melbourne, New York, and now south-east France. Where will it end? In a colony on Mars in about 50 years, probably.

Of course, you can still only put 11 players on the field; but as Chelsea have shown lately, signing more youngsters than you can use, developing them, loaning them out and then selling them on is one way to draw a tidy profit.

Soon, with City’s help, ASSE will be able to buy and sell children who have barely hit puberty, turning young teens into valuable commodities in a rapacious capitalistic global marketplace. Just as it should be.

“Unlike Monaco or Lyon, we don’t pay for youngsters who are 13, 14, 15 years old,” said club rep Bernard Caiazzo. “Once, we had an agreement with a kid, but Monaco came in and paid 200,000 euros and he went there. In the future, we can imagine that City would pay that money.”


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