Man Crush Monday: Let’s all pinch Martin Ødegaard’s cheeks

It’s time for another Man Crush Monday, but legal disclaimer: this is a crush you should only have if you are also under 18 or following the laws of consent where you live. That’s because it’s time to look at recently signed Real Madrid prodigy, Norwegian midfielder Martin Ødegaard.

Norwegian 16-year-old Odegaard signs contract with Real Madrid

Let’s ignore the fact that most highly gifted teenagers are basically little assholes and his grown-up colleagues are pissed that he’s reportedly making like $120,000 a week. Well, he has been playing professionally since he debuted at 15, so he’s obviously very experienced, right?

But isn’t he an adorable little bb!

Martin Odegaard Officially Unveiled At Real Madrid

Look at his little Norwegian troll cheeks and cornsilk-blond hair.

Awww, is that acne?

Norway Training and Press Conference

What a darling little boy!

Let’s be real. Scandinavians for the most part are pretty genetically blessed. And we all know Real Madrid has a secret team of casting directors filling out its squad because, um, look at the rest of the roster. (This past Saturday was awesome, wasn’t it?)


Real Madrid CF v Real Sociedad de Futbol - La Liga

But wait, getting back to Ødegaard. So though Martin is, you know, not legal in our state yet and thus we would never, ever, make any kind of sexual reference about him, let’s just say there is maybe potential – obviously, as a player and contributor to Real Madrid.

Real Madrid Castilla Portrait Session

So, hey Martin, when you blow out those 18 candles, there’s another set of numbers you should probably remember. Check out the video to see.