It must suck to be Robert Huth

So you turned 30 last year, your time as a Chelsea starlet and English Premier League title-winner is long gone and you’re no longer a mainstay in the Stoke City defense. Now you’re going on loan from a comfortably mid-table side to the team at the bottom of the standings, which has won four of its 23 EPL matches. You’re not even guaranteed a first team place, and you’re currently serving a two-game ban because you played “guess the gender” on Twitter and made indecent remarks about explicit pictures.

It must suck to be Robert Huth right now. At least, that’s the impression the defender gives in his “welcome to Leicester” picture.


It may be that he chose to remain tight-lipped in order to avoid doing anything else that might get him fined and banned. It may be that he felt he was projecting an image of stern, relegation-beating determination. Perhaps Huth hates having his photo taken. Or it may be that he was about to cry.

Either way, as the Mirror points out, Huth looks less than thrilled, during the one photo-op when players are almost guaranteed to be grinning like a Cheshire Cat who’s just received a generous signing-on fee.


Photo credit: Plumb Images/Getty.


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