Fox Sports is trying to start beef between Clint Dempsey and Lupe Fiasco

Yesterday, Fox Sports tried to tear down two pillars of U.S. Soccer. For shame, Ruper Murdoch! When Clint Dempsey appeared on America’s Pregame, they asked him the usual things you’d ask the face of the national team before a friendly. He spoke about the team coming together again, other players stepping up, his role with the team, all that standard noise.

Then, things took a turn. Host Mike Hill brought up a prior show appearance by rapper and U.S. Soccer musical director (yes, that’s a real thing) Lupe Fiasco. On his episode, Lupe was asked which national team player was the biggest hip-hop head. Of course, his answer was Clint Dempsey. The man raps professionally, after all. Sometimes, even in front of people. It was an obvious choice. Lupe said he and Dempsey talked about “Deuce” appearing on his next alum, Tetsuo & Youth, which was released last week. The album was distinctly, and thankfully, Dempsey-free.

One Nation. One Team.

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Dempsey was perfectly reasonable about it and laughed it off. But no, that wasn’t enough for Mike Hill. He wanted blood. Like a writer for The Source in the ’90s, or a WorldStarHipHop videographer (cellphone holder) today, he wanted to start new rap beef. Mike Hill was treading. Treading hard. Treading all over the peace and unity of our national team, if not threatening the peace of an entire nation.

He tried to goad Dempsey into spiting a live battle rap aimed at Lupe, but Deuce wasn’t having any of it. He did offer a few bars. Something about mud flaps and gun racks maybe, I’m not really sure. It was more Texan than I’m prepared to comment on. Raps about catfish aren’t really my thing. Lyrics aside, Dempsey’s flow choice was interesting. He almost sounded like he was going for a Chicago drill music vibe, but with his own country bars. Let’s make sure Mike Hill didn’t cause any drama and get Deuce, Lupe Fiasco and Lil Herb together on a Young Chop beat and call it “Chicago Fire.”

Rap beef is no joke. Soccer rap beef is ever deadlier. Look at what it’s done to the friendship of Red Bull New York’s Bradley Wright-Phillips and Crystal Palace’s Yannick Bolasie. So reckless and callous with his media responsibilities, that Mike Hill. Lives are at stake, here.