Thanks Obama: Tab Ramos’s son has left college to join a Mexican team

Call Fox News! In a shocking development, Alex Ramos — son of American hero and patriot Tab Ramos — has left Iona College to sign a professional deal with Pachuca of Liga MX. Though raised in the United States, Ramos will be on Pachuca’s books as a Mexican citizen, as he was born in Monterrey during his father’s loan stint with Tigres. It’s always a sad day whenever America loses a budding star to a foreign league.

Someone from the Republical National Committee needs to be on this. Liberals with their immigration reform have gone too far. Now it’s impossible for young talent to find jobs playing in the country they love. The influx of foreigners is pushing our domestic talent — which is also kind of foreign — beyond the soverign borders of the U.S. They’re having to resort to NAFTA jobs in Mexico.

If the son of a U.S. national team legend, current U.S. U-20 coach and namesake of at least three different deli sandwiches in New Jersey can’t get a job in the United States, then what hope is there for the futures of any of our children? Yes, Alex Ramos was born in Mexico, and his legendary dad is himself a native Uruguayan, but damn it, once Tab put on that sweet denim kit in 1994, he and the entirety of his bloodline were as American as Cadillacs, heart disease and Timmy Chandler.

This is a national disgrace. This is not how the Dream Act was supposed to work. That beautiful piece of legislation was supposed foster opportunity for the children of immigrants in the land they grew to love. It’s obvious that it’s been a failure.

What does it say about us as a footballing nation if Alex Ramos isn’t given the opportunity to play with the pride, dignity and sacrifice that comes with working his way up from a $40,000 MLS rookie deal? How will he know the joy that comes from surviving an unexpected trade to Columbus the summer before his contract is up? Instead, he’s forced to try and break through at Pachuca, which has only won five Mexican Primera Divisíon titles and four CONCACAF championships since 2000.

That isn’t a proper environment to foster a proper American work ethic. Thanks, Obama (pronounced: O-baw-muh)!