Steven Defour was red carded in his return to Standard Liège, so Anderlecht fans tried to tear down the stadium

From the time we were children, people always told us about turning the other cheek, or not letting the ever-mysterious “them” get the best of us – all sorts of idioms and rules to keep us from retaliating when we feel we have been wronged. This is terible advice. People who abide by these unnatural conventions will develop ulcers or die young, because pent up rage eventually manifests itself physically and will kill you.

Want to live forever and have fresh, young looking skin? Every so often, lose your cool and fly off the handle when someone does you dirty. It’s like spring cleaning for the soul.

Live your life with the approach Anderlecht’s Steven Defour took during today’s clash with rivals Standard Liège. Before his three-year spell in Portugal ended this summer, Defour spent five seasons with Liège. His time tenure with lofty dreams of a Manchester United move and very public statements that he was ready to move on to bigger and better things.

On today’s return, home fans unfurled a very subtle “RED OR DEAD” banner featuring a decapitated Defour, making it clear that they hold grudges. The simple thing for Defour to do would have been to ignore the fans, play a great game and help his new club grab an important three points. Fortunately, he’s an athlete who cares deeply about his physical and mental health, so he let a little bit of rage fly by booting a ball as hard as he could into the crowd.

The punt earned Defour a second yellow card and caused a small riot as Anderlecht fans tried to tear Stade Maurice Dufrasne down one seat at a time, but it was worth it. He’ll be glad he did this when his heart is still healthy enough for him to run around with his grandchildren in 40 years.