Cristiano Ronaldo’s violent streak may bring down another referee

At the beginning of February 2014, Miguel Angel Ayza Gámez sent off Real Madrid’s Cristiano Ronaldo for a light swipe to the face of Atletico Bilbao’s Carlos Gurpegi.

The aftermath of that incident wasn’t pretty for all involved. Ayza Gámez, the match referee, was suspended for 40 days by Spain’s refereeing committee for being unclear in his match report about the details surrounding Ronaldo’s dismissal. He was also frozen out from officiating any other Madrid games for the season.

Gurpegi, left with a stain of going down too easily, was sad, stating: “I have a family and a daughter and it hurts me that things that are said about me come to her ears.”

Cristiano Ronaldo still walked away with a three-match ban. Everything was sadness and one hoped that lessons were learned.

Sadly, that didn’t happen.

Today, Ronaldo, probably feeling nostalgic, collected another red card for putting his hands to another man’s face during Madrid’s athletic competition with Córdoba. The scenes were all too familiar, even down to the match report.

According to Marca, “referee Alejandro Hernández Hernández didn’t refer to violent conduct when describing the reason why he sent off [Ronaldo].” Oh no. Did not one tell him the tale of Ayza Gámez? It seems not, which could end up playing in Cristano’s favor when the disciplinary committee ultimately decides how many games the 2014 Ballon d’Or winner will miss. That’s something worth keeping an eye on. But it will be just as interesting to see whether there will be collateral damage, mirroring the February 2014 incident.


It turns out, when Cristiano gets in trouble, we’re all in trouble. Alejandro Hernández Hernández may want to start looking into pottery classes or something to keep him occupied for 40 days and 40 nights.