Falcao’s plea helped secure a heart transplant for a Colombian teenager

Radamel Falcao hasn’t quite yet started beating opposing goalkeepers since he joined Manchester United on loan from AS Monaco, but recently, the Colombian icon — who holds enough heft to seriously issue ice bucket challenges to Juanes, Pau Gasol, and Alejandro Sanz — threw his weight around to make sure a fellow Colombian’s heart could keep beating.

Efe reports that Falcao’s cousins introduced the superstar to the plight of 17-year-old John Andres Uyaban, a Colombian teen who had been on a waiting list for a heart transplant for two years. According to Uyaban’s mother, 10 days after Falcao posted a plea for assistance on his Facebook page, the family was notified that Uyaban would be getting a heart from an individual in Medellin who had recently passed away in an accident.

The transplant operation was performed last week, and Uyaban is currently recovering at a hospital in Northern Colombia. Obviously, Uyaban’s mother was ecstatic and full of gratitude for Falcao. She told Efe, “I give thanks to God and Falcao; he’s related to some cousins of mine who talked first to his father (Radamel Garcia) seeking his help in this effort.”

While Uyaban’s mother never actually interacted directly with Falcao, she says that “he found out anyway and decided to help us.”

Uyaban is reportedly responding well to the transplant.

Thus closes another chapter in soccer players not forgetting how much they can mean to other people.