Messi and Neymar gave you a Dancing With the Stars-worthy performance

Dancing with the Stars is truly your favorite sport, even though you lie about it constantly. Luckily for you, Messi and Neymar put on a display in Barcelona’s 6-0 win at Elche that beautifully merged your two passions — ballroom dance and elegant soccer.

Witness Barcelona’s third goal. Messi leads, but he dances with patience. He and Neymar have worked this routine out before. He knows to wait for his partner to find the rhythm and make his move before sending the Elche defender into a twirl and delivering the magic.

Two minutes later, the band would start another song, and Messi would again lift his partner, carrying him across the floor like a baby Simba, or Frances Houseman. Feel the chemistry!

Then time came for a Messi solo performance. He ditched the band, told the DJ to put on some old Chicago house and gave Elche that footwork. No one from the other side came prepared for a battle.

Perhaps not confident enough to dance alone, Neymar would perform again, but not before grabbing Pedro up from his seat. Just ahead of the final whistle, Neymar waltzed down the sideline in three-quarter time. As the Elche defense paused for the fourth beat, he was behind them, laying off a perfect ball to his teammate, adding a great final flourish to Barcelona’s act.