In an unbelievable coincidence, Ken Griffey Jr. became Orlando City’s 10,000th season ticket holder

If you didn’t already know, former Major League Baseball super legend Ken Griffey Jr. has impeccable timing. And, no, I’m not talking about the man’s graceful swing, although that may have helped.

Orlando City SC announced today that Griffey, amazingly, was the 10,000th Central Florida resident to buy season tickets. If you’ve ever tried to be the 15th caller on a radio station to win tickets, you can imagine how hard it is to time being the 10,000th Central Florida resident to buy a season ticket. The execution of this purchase, alone, is worthy of a place on a Hall of Fame ballot.

I’d love to know how many season tickets Orlando City has sold outside of Central Florida, but I won’t dwell on that minute detail. I’m not one to start a scandal.

On reaching this milestone, Griffey said:

“I’m very excited to be a season ticket member for Orlando City. I’ve played professional baseball in many cities where soccer is a big success, and the buzz here for Orlando City is unlike anything I’ve ever seen. My family and I are anticipating the arrival of Major League Soccer in Central Florida.”

Now, let’s be clear on what Griffey is saying: He’s played in Seattle, Cincinnati, and Chicago. That means Griffey’s saying that the buzz in Orlando is unlike anything he ever experienced in Seattle. The Seattle. And Griffey was in Seattle during the Seattle Sounders’ inaugural MLS season. If that’s the case, and it’s hard to imagine Griffey avoiding the Seattle’s Sounder noise in 2009, that’s kind of impressive, Orlando.