Cristiano Ronaldo donned a disguise to surprise one of Cristiano Ronaldo’s fans

Cristiano Ronaldo has a reputation for being too into himself. He’s more competitive than Messi, who only thinks about soccer and coloring books. He has heights to climb and a legacy to protect. He has a statue of himself in front of a Cristiano Ronaldo museum. , and that is also now the official shirt sponsor for his hometown team. He even eats himself to celebrate himself. Sometimes it’s hard to escape Cristiano Ronaldo loving Cristiano Ronaldo. But maybe that’s because we simply don’t put any effort into seeing the Portuguese star’s earnest deeds.

The latest Cristiano Ronaldo good deed involved Cristiano Ronaldo doing something that Cristiano Ronaldo didn’t have to do. Cristiano Ronaldo put on a disguise and surprised one of Cristiano Ronaldo’s junior fans, presenting him with an autographed ball and a hug — a hug that Cristiano Ronaldo could have easily saved for Cristiano Ronaldo’s adorable son. Cristiano Ronaldo doesn’t have to go around touching random civilian children, putting Cristiano Ronaldo and Cristiano Ronaldo’s career at risk by rubbing elbows with child germs and booger residue. But Cristiano Ronaldo does it anyway, because, per sources, Cristiano Ronaldo is good, decent man.

Good on Cristiano Ronaldo.

If you decide to be skeptical, wondering if this was just some publicity stunt arranged by Cristiano Ronaldo’s fixers, that’s fine, but know this: you’ll probably never be happy.